Woonhave buys residential portfolio from ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund

Woonhave buys residential portfolio from ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund

Woonhave has purchased 191 properties from ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund, the housing fund of a.s.r. real estate. The purchase consists of 169 single family homes spread over the Netherlands and a relatively young apartment complex with 22 multi-family homes in Monster. The focus of the portfolio is in the provinces of Utrecht and Noord-Brabant, with complexes in Utrecht, Wijk bij Duurstede, Breda, Tilburg, Son en Breugel and Etten-Leur. The kadaster shows that the purchase price was more than € 45,000,000.-. 

Jasper Leydes, Head of Acquisitions at Woonhave: ‘With this acquisition, Woonhave is giving further substance to the broadening of its strategy. In addition to expanding its carefully composed portfolio of rental homes in the “Randstad”, Woonhave is also investing in single-family homes outside the Randstad. In doing so, we focus on both new and existing build. We have recently acquired several complexes of single-family homes, where this portfolio is the most substantial so far. We also expect to add more single-family homes outside the Randstad by the end of the year’.

Robbert van Dijk, fund director ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund: ‘The sale of the 191 properties to Woonhave is in line with the strategic location focus of the ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund, which is characterised by strong demographic and economic foundations. With the rejuvenation of the portfolio through new acquisitions, we are actively building on the profile of our portfolio which is focused on high quality flats and single-family homes, especially in the mid-rental segment’.

Jaap van Dijk, partner at Van Dijk & Ten Cate Real Estate Consultants: ‘The high allocation in the Randstad and Noord-Brabant combined with the high proportion of ground-bound family homes that are let above the liberalisation threshold, created a lot of demand from the market. For our client, ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund, it was important to find an ethical successor for its tenants and to find a buyer who was willing to bid unconditionally and could purchase the portfolio in a short period of time. We are pleased that we helped our client to achieve these objectives’. 

The legal assistance of the seller was provided by VBC Notarissen and the commercial assistance by Van Dijk & Ten Cate Real Estate Consultants.